light us on and off!!

let it be your kid
 make it see you
 make it laugh
  make it cry

be its parent
 speak to it
 touch it
 smile at it

let it be your pet
  make it attend you
  make it bark at you
  make it scratch you

be its master
 teach it
 kick it
 hurt it

let it develop
  be surprised by it
  be rejected by it
 be loved by it
  be touched by it

be its limb
be its spirit
give it a limb
give it a spirit
touch its limb
connect to its spirit

workshop organisers

christian faubel(derstrudel) works as a research fellow in the robotics group at institut fuer neuroinformatik, bochum.

jan fusten architecture student since 99 at technical university of dresden
one year exchange to paris val de seine

cordula koerber studies stage design at the fine arts school dresden.
currently pursues her final year project in cooperation with the opera dresden

sebastian noth(derstrudel) studies bioinformatics at martin-luther universitaet halle and currently works as a programmer at institut fuer neuroinformatik, bochum and ihes, paris

derstrudel focuses on the development of analog robots. strudelworks were shown on some national events.
krabbler robots at the transmediale sideevent 2002 in kunstfabrik, berlin
summer 2002 lowtech-robots at garage festival stralsund
in 2003 and 2004 two workshops analog robots invited by khm , academy of media arts cologne

call for participation!

come come come to a workshop around gebauede::a building and organismus::an organism.
the building is the schokofabrik in dresden, a workplace for students, which calls to be modified, hacked, augmented transformed.
the organism is something you will discover, something we want to construct.
come come come and play with low-tech sensor- and motor-modules, interconnect them, install them into the schokofabrik, enable the building to sense and (re)act.
come come come and bring what you think, you need to construct an organism.

we supply:
sensory modules are light sensors, sound sensors, touch sensors, switches, internet remote sensors (peoples keyboards and mouses),
motor modules are tiny gearmotors, 220-Volt plugs switchable with 5 V signals, little led-matrices, computer displays, loudspeakers, webpages,
interconnections can be colored cables, thresholding units, oscillators, network-computer-programs.

can an organism or an organic building emerge out of the construction and installation of these modules ?
will this building behave or misbehave?

come come come and rethink concepts of architecture, rethink the relation of human and housing: do people need houses or do houses need people? rethink the concept of workplace and space of presence.
during 4 days we will colaborate on prototypes and and create durable installations in and around the schokofabrik building, which will ultimately transform the place. then we will have a party and leave this new space to its users and the public.

workshop details: the workshop shall take place from tuesday friday 27.08.04 at the schokofabrik, hopfgartenstrasse 1a. dresden johannstadt.
the price for the 4 days will be 50,- euro incl. lunch. we also offer possibility for camping either in the garden or inside, hosepipe-showers included.

please send an application to with a short description of yourself to be published on the workshop-site.
we will accept a maximum number of 20 persons.
the detailed schedule will evolve during the next month as well as some documentation of the modules and inspirational mindfood we will provide on these sites.