-03-11-13 schokofabrik is hosting part of the light installation "der Klingelstreich" at its ouside at Hopfgartenstraße. take a look when it's dark.

-03-07-13 schokofabrik's web page is running on .org from now on; sorry but we missed to extend our domain ; so bye bye!
for all friends who 've linked to our page, it would be nice to refresh with the new domain ending..---.ORG.---- Thanks ->

-30-01-12 schokofabrik is officially a registered association in the field of culture now. great. schokofabrik e.V. YEAH!!

-29-01-10 third PECHA KUCHA NIGHT, this time at friedrichstadtZentral - best location ever [take a look]

-27-05-09 second PECHA KUCHA NIGHT in dresden, yeah [take a look]

-04-11-08 schokostudio is organising first PECHA KUCHA NIGHT in dresden, yeah [take a look]

-23-10-08 every resident of dresden should fill out this [form for Uebermittlungssperren!!], otherwise the city of dresden is going to sell your contact data for advertising.
sorry where are we living ??

-22-10-08 Damien & Sebastien are organising a short film meeting at groove station, everybody can bring herhis favorite shortfilm to show in public,
Friday 24/10, starting 19 pm ..

-17-10-08 anna started a nice site soem time ago, she shows dresden street fashion, [dresden-look]

-17-10-08 server maintenance has been sleepin a while, so did the news. now there re some new faces,new internet connection so that it woke up!

-23-06-07 the results of [score] and [architekturautomat] can be seen at an exibition "sommer_galerie" about the events during architektursommer 2004-06, at world trade center dresden; opening 11 am

-02-05-07 number 70 to 79 of [electronic-sticker] are going hauptstadt and can be purchased at "gelegenheiten" berlin neuköln

-23-04-07 andreas, ecki and jan are co-operating on an installation with friedrichstaTTpalast e.V. during tanzwoche
SICHT/BETON/UNG/ZWEI ; starting at 7pm, more info see [friedrichstaTTpalast]
basic idea is based around a focus relating dance and space..

-30-03-07 daniela is having a show 'stille wasser' at riesa efau; galery adlergasse; vernissage at 8pm

-14-02-07 demm can you believe it: somebody stole our server!!! due to that we 've been offline two days. now we 've to
think about a new way to back up our data. there s still some links that don't work cause we haven t got a fully qualified
backup of the site

-19-09-06 schokofabrik was offline quit a while due to technical problems of our server. now theres a new machine.
we re running pIII now yeah. still some of the stuff is not working yet including mail

-01-08-06 score is running great, theres first shocks on the tron bikes, come play with us on friday (04-08) for the
presentation and party !!

-15-07-06 axel and jan made a first price at LEG PREIS 2006 in Heidenau, yeah.

-19-03-06 there's another workshop coming up this summer, starting july 30th 06; [score]is dealing with the connection
between architecture and play

- 18-02-06- opening at hebedas, kunstwarenautomat's first day in the bar starts tonight; from 15th of june till the 15th
of july,during the [architektursommer in dresden] the machine is going to be the [architekturautomat]

- 30-01-06- for kunstwarenautomat andreas and jan found a new item [eletronic stickers] you can already order by
getting in kontakt with them

-12-01-06 the fud announced the competion "Ein Platz an der UNI", where a bench for the campus of tu dresden was asked
to design; a few architects of schokofabrik participated, so take a look

-06-12-05 we just discovered that the mailings to kontakt didn't arrive, so sorry for all those that

didn't get an answear, but you can be sure it's working now

-01-05-05 there 's a new ~ now, that tries to explore the use of the .smil format.. chek it out! you'll need a svg plugin

-there was a group of people from arch.tu-dresden in roma for the piranesi workshop internazionale,

there are some pics availible here

- 30-08-04 ok blumesalter is dead after the workshop, schokofabrik runs on a pII now, can you feel it???

-if you re reading this, schokofabrik is online. running on 133mghz