join the schokofabrik feel free to contact, if you are looking for a studio or some kind of workspace in dresden, there

might be something free ....

current & past user

[agnes k]

art, but sometimes she gets close to architecture

[alex h]

graphics, is doing these lovely letter posters

[amelia s]

art, is now showing some of her posterwork done for columbia

[anna j]

arch, did the dresden look page, now in zurich

[anne w]

restauration, but sometimes she gets close to architecture

[andreas l]

arch, mostly digital user, he was into debian, member schokostudio

[anke l]

art, analog user, just married

[axel r]

landscape - but, where is he now? from landscape to tagesvater


arch, she s in paris now

[damien] if he doesn t do film, he s fightin on flash


art, analog user, she does graphics and goes for ski


arch, is here and there - paris, zurich, never know, currently basel at hdm

[david w]

arch, david opend his energy & architecture office


arch, if not working for code unique or schokostudio, he s playin bass


art, she s doing graphics too and great clothing


christian is still buzzing in our server, his strudelapps made there be light at gebaeudeorganismus

[grit k]

nice graphics with a great style, she did a illustration of the studio


arch,nico is back in paris now, he did this site for the workshop paracity, so he s staying a digital user

[henriette r]

art, she does great textile design hand made

holger z

inf, rarely seen last days

[jan f]

arch, he just loves schokofabrik


inf, she is in sveden right now, hope she s having fun. hope to see you back


inf, playing the game of life, and searching for the ultimate programm to be written, doing his diploma now

[kristin m]

philo, is besides working on the world at your ear


med, did her dr. thesis here now up to berlin

[martin p]

arch, if he doesn t fight with hildegard, he builds great server homes with tobi

[markus p]

arch, aside working at schokostudio, he doing great wood work

[niki w]

sound maniac, destroying guitars for music

[pat h]

arch, pat hates emirates since he flew with them, and he is really into flash

[remi c]

arch, inventor of k acht, a architectural card game, rems is back in besancon with atelier zoo


art, is here from new york for six months and brought her dog


works on film too

[thure w]

arch, with thure we all started at schoko, he s the man for 3d and inverse kinetmatics, member of the schokostudio

[tim f]

arch, tim works in vogtland and - wow, he s got a son with babette

[tobi k]

arch, he has been around for a while, tobi is the light man, and produces great great lightning stuff, left to erfurt