-10-01-15 The Concert Season 2015 starts with a local band from dd. The Whowhooz live. Happy New Year!

-06-12-14 Next concert is going to rock the house, so come to see, listen, and dance with AC Vibes live

16-11-14is the 'tag des offenen ateliers dresden'; (dresden open studios), shows in public, what schokofabrik produces....

-06-11-14 FULL Programm for this thursday: First there's gonna be a PECHA KUCHA NIGHT starting at 20:00 pm; afterwards we 're pleased to announce a concert of FIIUM-SHAARRK as one of their three concerts in Europe. Drums, Perscussion and Electroncis, doors open at 21:00pm
So don't miss it.!

-06-09-14 Tobias Herzz releases his new album: Verses III !!Doors open at 21:00pm

-29-08-14 Meniak gives the next show in schokofabrik. It's a Chemnitz based kind of Ska Band with ten musicians. Full house!

-19-07-14 Next concert is coming from far far australia hinterlandt to Johannstadt

-28-06-14 Jens Vetter, aka bureaumaschine gives a birthday concert. Electronic sounds with Teremin. YEAH. Aftershow with DJ Sputnik.

-10-05-14 just SCHOKO Party, as well as every time.

-28-02-14 GRAND SCHOKO OPENING with the first concert of the year: [machinedebeauvoir], doors open at 8 pm, and after the machine there's dancin dj music..

-06-12-13 in order to appreciate Nikolaus Birthday there's going to be a party not to miss. Live: Mark Boombastik (HH), DJ Sputnik (B) und DJ Markus (DD; Godfather of Jugendtanz, doors open at 9 pm.

-17-11-13 ( sunday between 10am-6pm ) is the 'tag des offenen ateliers dresden' again; (dresden open studios),
so come come to take a look, schokostudio on 1rst fllor is open too

-19-10-13 after sommer break, there's a concert again. the band is Jumble Junk, playing mostly Jazz.
The benefit of the entry fee is contributed to a project of a music school in Kingston ( Jamaica ).
Doors is opening on 8 pm.

-13-07-13 party at Johanne's & Kristin's place. Music by Axel as DJ

-27-10-12 We want to see YOU at the concert of [Sound 8 Orchestra]. There s Super 8 Videos with live sound. So ....?

-04-04-12 We got another great concert comin up. [Kapaikos] is comin on friday evening and there're bringing all their mandolins. don't miss it!!

-04-03-12 Jens Vetter, aka bureaumaschine, gives a concert of his new tape "mauer" with german pop songs,
don't forget to watch out for the soul eggs..

-20-11-11 is the 'tag des offenen ateliers dresden' again; (dresden open studios),
there is going to be a cafe in the rooms of the old kantine

-17-11-07 is the 'tag des offenen ateliers dresden' again; (dresden open studios),
as usual. there might be a [kunstwarenautomat] too..

-18-11-06 is the 'tag des offenen ateliers dresden' again; (dresden open studios),
everybody is invited to come come look look and talk talk

-30-07-06 starting point of the workshop score; detailed information on the workshop-site

-18-02-06opening of kunstwarenautomat at hebedas

_20-11-05 schokofabrik hosted the kunstwarenautomat for the dresden open studios so this year an automat is gonna show what we did...looks funny already, look at the [press](pdf)if you like

28-11-04is the 'tag des offenen ateliers dresden'; (dresden open studios), where we want to show the public, what schokofabrik produces....

_24-27-08-04 schokofabrik will host the workshop "gebaeudeorganismus - organismusgebaeude; for details see workshop-site

_soon the semester ends--always a good reason to have a party ....